Indigenous Mapping: Photo: Chris Gurney

Indigenous Mapping: Photo: Chris Gurney


Our vision is full and equal participation of Indigenous people in the digital economy. Our mission is to empower Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, communities and organisations using digital and location technologies by delivering high-quality digital services.


Winyama Digital Solutions Pty Ltd (Winyama) is a Western Australian, Indigenous owned and operated business.

We aim to be the leading provider of location intelligence and digital solutions in our target markets across the commercial and public sector, while facilitating the digital engagement of Indigenous people and communities.

With accreditation almost complete, Winyama is a registered Supply Nation business and soon to be fully certified Supply Nation business.

Through our capability partners, we utilise a variety of technology in mapping, data management and analysis to deliver digital solutions enabling our clients to manage their land and assets in response to environmental, cultural, economic and resource demands.

Andrew Dowding is the Managing Director of Winyama. Andrew is a Ngarluma person from the Pilbara who has worked as an Anthropologist for over a decade with Indigenous communities across Western Australia. He specialises in utilising technology for Indigenous people to manage and strengthen their heritage and culture.

Andrew is engaged nationally and internationally to work with companies and governments to develop strong digital capability whilst building strong knowledge of the land and building the skills and knowledge of Indigenous people.

Winyama expands the scope, reach, and participation of Indigenous people in digital and information technology services.

Our combination of experience, knowledge and expertise is unique. Through our primary partnership with NGIS Australia – the leading mapping and digital services provider in Australia – we deliver premium digital solutions integrated with the highest level of management excellence. Winyama will look to build its capability partnerships to broaden capacity over time.

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