Indigenous software support 

We understand that it is important for an organisation to find a technology that will best solve their problems and is easy for their teams to learn and use. Winyama offers the advice, procurement, services and training needed across a range of software to support Aboriginal communities. 

We see an increasing trend in purpose built software and databases for the managing of Aboriginal communities information, heritage and native title data.  Our expertise in these areas and our combined technical knowledge makes us a perfect capability partner for communities and organisations looking to set up digital environments for the secure and efficient management of digital cultural information and heritage assets.

We also provide options to self-manage projects internally in organisations or can help provide support for teams needing ongoing deployment of GIS support. Winyama values the partnerships created with customers and acts as an adviser on opportunities for technological enhancement - based on an organisations evolving needs.

Do you have a project coming up or that Winyama can help with? Get in touch with the team