The Winyama team offer extensive capability in:

  • Heritage and Cultural Mapping

  • Land and Environmental Monitoring

  • Native Title Management

  • Compliance management

We work with clients across the commercial and public sector, while facilitating the digital engagement of Indigenous people and communities.


Scoping and Requirements
Raising awareness of leveraging location data, capturing and prioritising business requirements to solve business problems, focused on the end user and their expected experience of the proposed solution.

Capacity Building and Training

Winyama runs the Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Australia in partnership with Google, to teach capacity and geospatial literacy to Indigenous communities in Australia. Through our capability partner NGIS we can provide a range of GIS training courses are available, delivered anywhere in Australia or around the world.


We work with clients to map out the locations and information relevant to their business. We specialise in visualising cultural heritage information and can analyse this information to clearly show rights and interests on the land, and how these intersect industrial development or land management policies.

Data Capture and Field Work
Developing data management plans to take terabytes of complex geospatial data and securely place it in the hands of those that need it in a user-friendly, desired format.

Data Management
Deliver insights and business capability analysing customer data in relation to land, culture, environmental conditions and areas of interest.

We can create Google Earth, Google Earth Engine, ArcGIS pro 3D visualisations. 3D Visualisations can provide clear communication on issues of cultural heritage and native title as well as presenting landscape and cultural values. We can provide some stunning visual imagery aligned with cultural and community frameworks that enhance decision making and insights in the operations of businesses and organisations.

Remote Sensing / Earth Observation
Fit for purpose, innovative, practical earth observations using satellite data, Drones, Airborne platforms and IOT devices, giving Indigenous land mangers the ability to monitor and manage environmental systems over time.

Platform / Solution Design
Fit for purpose, innovative, practical business solutions, helping communities and organisations find the best mapping solution for their needs.

Application Development
Intuitive, outcome specific, user focused web and mobile applications for every day devices.

Application Support
Long term sustainability and partnership with customers to ensure ongoing success with their solutions. We provide reliability and advise on opportunities for enhancement based on evolving needs.


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Nyiyabarli Elder- Brian Tucker - Photo: Andrew Dowding

Nyiyabarli Elder- Brian Tucker - Photo: Andrew Dowding